Friday, September 3, 2010

Android Logo Was Inspired Or Stolen From Atari Game Character?

Android Logo
Android OS is allegedly has taken someone's property without permission. You are surely knowing this mobile OS famous logo, the green robot.

It's reported that its name plus the shape are originally from one of the old ATARI's game characters, namely...Android!

So in other word an intellectual property theft have been occurred here. And Google has not yet launched any official statements concerning this allegedly plagiarism. But wait two days or more, till they come out with something very reasonable.

To read more about the news follow the below news:

Did Android Steal someone else logo?

Tell me what do you think about this case? Did Android logo designers stole the game character or they were inspired by it? If it's inspired might be the reason, so is it oke? Does it take a written permission from the game developer.

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