Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dual SIM Card For iPhone 4G With Back Cover

Dual SIM Card For iPhone 4G. Now having dual sims hooked inside your iPhone can be a reality, after USBFever came out with the US$28.99 Adaptor that can give your iPhone 4G an ability of holding two SIMS at the same time for you anytime and anywhere.

Thus, you are able to manually switch between two of your iPhone SIM Cards. And as the addition, you will also find one external battery.

The dual SIM will be placed on the back of your iPhone 4 and unfortunately Dual Sim Card can't help you to use the both SIM simultaneously, thus, you need to switch over to another. Use your iPhone setting menu to switch your SIMs

- One iPhone (4G) with 2 SIM Cards (see note below)
- No need to cut your SIM CARD
- STK Menu (see installations below)
- Comes with Crystal case to protect the dual sim card and your iPhone

This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.0)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.1)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.2)

If you are interested of having this Dual SIM Card For iPhone 4G With Back Cover Adaptor you can purchase it here!


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