Monday, July 9, 2012

Make Google Chrome Default Browser On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Last month Google released Google Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But unfortunately, there is no option to make the browser to be our default browser, because Apple won't allow that happen.

But don't worry, because this post will share the steps to make Google Chrome as iPhone or iPad default browser. However the steps are for jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Sorry for those who have not jailbroken their iOS devices. Because we will use a Cydia tweak, namely BrowserChooser.

BrowserChooser is a new born jailbreak tweak, Ryan Petrich the one who is developing it. Once it's installed then you can make Google Chrome to be your iOS device default browser. And this what Ryan says about his reason to release the tweak.

BrowserChooser is up on Loving Chrome for iOS so much that it had to be built.

How to Make Chrome Default Browser on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Chrome App iPhone
Anyway to use BrowserChooser, your iOS device must be jailbroken first. But don't worry you can visit our jailbreak iOS devices page to jailbreak your devices.

1. Firstly download Chrome app on App Store: here is the link.
2. Now it's time to get BrowserChooser for your jailbroken devices, therefore launch Cydia;
Go to: Manage > Source > Edit > Add;
3. Add the following URL: Then tap;
4. Use the Search tab to search for the BrowserChooser, once you found it then install it.
5. After you have it installed, then you can make Google Chrome as your default browser from the stock Settings app.


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