Monday, June 4, 2012

iPhone 4s Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 In Durability Testing

This is a drop test to decide which of the super smartphones is more durable after being dropped than other, what I am talking about now which is, between iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3, strongest in durability test.

You will see a girl with red hair doing a dropping test to those smartphone, she will purposefully dropped both iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3 multiple times to decide which one is the winner in this drop test competition.

Well the result is surprising, albeit Samsung Galaxy S3 is less cracked yet its touchscreen completely broken, the homescreen and the unlocking don't work at all. As the result Samsung Galaxy S3 is completely broken inside after the test.

While iPhone 4s is still usable and the touchscreen still works, albeit it's cracked on both sides.

iPhone 4s Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 In Durability Testing

Are you curious want to see the video?

The moral of the video is never use your beloved handset with the screen pointed towards the ground. Lol.

Via Android Authority.


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