Sunday, February 26, 2012

Access Notification Center From LockScreen On iPhone With Bulletin

There is a cool Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhone to check the weather or viewing at stocks without firstly unlocking our device. The name of the tweak is Bulletin which will make you able to open the iOS 5 notification center via iPhone's lock screen.

Now you don't need to unlock your device first to see all the notifications appears on your screen, because Bulletin makes it possible to view them all in the lockscreen mode. In case you need a variation, there is an option to juggle your notification center into transparent appearance on homscreen and lockscreen.

Bulletin gives you configuration options in from where you are able to both disable or enable this tweak any time you wish. However, to get this tweak installed on your device, you need to firstly buy it for $0.99.

Are you interested? Then launch Cydia to get Bulletin and install it to your device.

Hope you will find this post useful.


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