Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Siri Running On iPod Touch 4G

Since Siri was widely known along with the release of iPhone 4s last year, people eagerly wanted to have this voice assistant installed to their device -- no matter what types, whether they are iOS or Android based devices and versions -- people want to have chat with this sexy female voice (albeit Siri can also make you bankrupt) and ask her various things they like to know.

Then hackers come and ago try their best to design Siri-like application to run on all devices. Their works are great, yet they are not Siri. We also have seen various of attempts to port Siri to non-iPhone 4s, yet they don't seem to work as expected.

Until Spire came to appear, this one is really a Siri brought for older versions of A5 machine, however to get its fully working we need proxy server.

Suddenly there is a dude (@AppleGordon) who have done the job, he managed to bring Siri to his iPod touch 4G. He bought the device and restoring it from an iCloud backup of an iPhone 4S...then once the restoration was completed. Siri was there, appeared on his iPod touch, this was a magic (?).

Siri On iPod Touch 4G

Of course there are buggy all over the place and his iPod touch often crash on daily use, this due to his device was not able to make an authentication with Apple's sever, since the voice dictation is not supposed to be running on iPod touch, but hey according to Gordon Siri Dictation works without issue.

Want to see Gordon video with Siri run on his iPod touch?

It is also said that Gordon made further attempt to his CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 using the same method and he was successful. Anyway both of iPod touch and iPhone 4 are jailbroken.

Is Gording finding can be used for further Siri porting to non-authorized device research by hacker? Perhaps hacker out there can start to delve this unexpected porting incident.

Via: Michael Steeber.


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