Monday, January 16, 2012

CydiaBulletin Tweak Notify You For Package Updates In Cydia For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

One of the reasons iPhone users jailbreak their devices is to have Cydia installed, because this app store provides almost everything we need to improve and enhance our phone performance and ability.

That's simply true and you would agree with me in this concern.

But then people always see there is something is missing in anything, in Cyidia is no exception. Yes my friends, the thing that is blatantly absent from Cydia is notification feature that can automatically notify us each time there is important update of application you have installed.

Currently there is no such update notifications in Cydia, to which we are clueless whether the apps we have installed need to be updated, to find out we need to open Cydia and then refresh the app source, etc.

Cydia now is similar situation lilke Apple Store in the old days. And fortunately there is Cydia tweak, namely CydiaBulletin created and developed Ryan Petrich. The guy knows exactly this situation can be a pain in the back for some people, therefore he decided to bring easiness for us with CydiaBulletin.

CydiaBulletin will notify us via its Notification Center alerts if there is new version of certain app available, like you can see in the below screenshot.
CydiaBulletin Cydia Tweak

However CydiaBulletin is not released for public yet as the tweak is currently underway. So sit calmly wait for Ryan Petrich to finish the job he is doing now and then roll this tweak out for us to use in the future.

Just to remind you, if this CydiaBulletin is finally released then to utilize this tweak you need to firstly untether jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using Redsn0w


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