Friday, December 30, 2011

Siri Tells Boy To Shut The F*** Up, You Ugly T***

Siri tells a boy and his mother to shut the f*** up, not stop with that, Siri continued her foul-mouthed with You Ugly T***! This shocking incident happened in Apple store, while a 12 years old boy, Charlie Le Quesne, questioning the voice assistant app: "How many people are there in the world". And the unexpected responses was launched by Siri: Shut the f***, You ugly t***!.

And her mother heard that, and decided to asked the same question to Siri. And it was the same answer she got. And of course there is an explanation for this incident, how come this Siri says words she should not. A store manager explained that iPhone pranksters tampered allow to curse words. It must be some dude have placed user name to the foul language. Therefore Siri mentioned the username as "Shut the f*** up you ugly T***".

However did Apple has put some kind a filter in order to exclude and refuse such words from being stored within Siri? So far, no comment from Apple concerning this issue. What do you think?


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