Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Install MiUi To Xperia X10

Xperia x10 owners around the net here is your good news, cyanogenmod is here. And there is another one, MiUi 1.12.23 pRiMe 7 for your device with new lock screen. It is a gift from XDA member forum, Oodie, to port the Android MiUi to your Xperia x10 and supports English language only.

And this update brings what could be your favorite features:

-Miui 1.12.23 Added
-ICS animations added ( Use spare parts to slow down Transition Animations )
- Guess what there is a new theme included for Prime.
-fix for HW Led

Install MiUi On Xperia X10

So you want to install MiUi to your Xperia x10? Then follow these steps:
  • Download The desired Kernel, links:
  • Now download MiUi pRiMe 7 - Flash it with Recovery
  • {Full Wipe is reccommended for Better Stability}
  • Reboot your device
  • Repeat another after the first reboot -- make it about 3 or 5 minutes gap after the first rebot. This for apps synchronization.
Congratulation you have installed MiUi to your Xperia X10.

Via: XDA forum.


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