Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NSTools To Manage Various Tweaks In Nexus S

Hey Nexus S owners who love tweaking your mobile phone, here's your good news, there is an Android app which is created for you to manage lots of tweaks and mods.  Using this app you are able selecting what tweaks you wish to use for your Nexus S and manage BLD, BLX, BLN, Deepidle, Custom voltage, Liveoc, Touchwake to restore setting on boot, therefore you don't have to edit or create init script.

NSTools To Manage Various Tweaks

And if you experience something went wrong, you are allowed to restore your NSTools config, simply install reset_nstools.zip in recovery mode.

This is Android app created by XDA members namely Arifhn, and can be found in Android Market, by simply searching for 'nstools'.


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