Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Use ADB In Mac OS X?

If using ADB in Mac OS X has been in your must-list currently, today is a happy news for you. Because a complete instruction on how to do so is available for entire Mac users plus how-to updating your PATH environment variable.

So where to find the instructions, I am all for it? You can directly visit XDA forum, one of the members there named, siedkins, has compiled the easy to follow step by step guide for you. He was a Windows user, but decided to switch to Mac, after being fed up with Bill Gate's OS and the need for all drivers. So he create the tutorial.

Before heading yourself to the instructions page here, make sure you have prepared the requirements, like: OS X, Android SDK and a USB cable. So what are you waiting for? Get there mate! Hurry!

Good luck bro!


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