Saturday, September 18, 2010

SwitcherMod iPhone App To Reorder App Icons

SwitcherMod is probably an app you wanted, albeit it's not the best one or meet our expectations but at least it's near. With SwitcherMod, we have the ability to reorder app icons on native multitasking switcher bar by dragging them. More things you can do with this application is changing the close button from the default red into black ‘x’ and hide the exited apps or switch them to be transparent.

SwitcherMod iPhone Mod

The app will be lot better if it's has the ability to kill the all the process only with one single click, right? The guy who developed this app is Ryan Petrich, you know the iPhone apps named Action Menu and Proswitcher? Those were developed by Ryan.

And SwitcherMod has already listed in Cydia and available for free, just add this repo url as the resource to start installing and then start using it:


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