Sunday, September 19, 2010

Download Cracked Version Swype For Android (Swype

Download Cracked Version Swype For Android. If you are on of the Swype addicts, now get discontent after knowing you no longer be able to use this innovative input method of beta test for Swype for Android, because it's expired now. And the things worse since you can't update as you are not one of the lucky member of the official Swype beta testers. To solve the problem, I have a good news!


There is a cracked version available to download provided by XDA. This version contains the improved and of course new keyboard. After you downloaded and installed you will not get disturbing Swype "expired" messages according to XDA.

If you are interested you can visit Forum XDA to download and install Swype for Android

Update: the thread on XDA forum is been removed by the Administrator of the site, I don't know why it's removed.


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