Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple Ping Now Spams And Scams Free

Apple Ping Now Spams And Scam Free. It is about time, actually Apple should have been realized this at the first place when designing iTunes 10 based social network for music, Ping. As I just red the news saying that the giant tech company has began clearing out of spammers besieging popular artist's profiles, like Lady Gagga, U2 and other music celebrities. Also, at Monday, Ping users won't see anymore free iPhones offers scams!

Apple Ping Spam And Scam Free

And one more thing, if you happened to see Steve Jobs's account or other Apple top bosses there, they were fakes, those accounts have already been pulled out now. This security improvement also being perfected with navigational button for "Back" and "Forward" to ease users. Well now, Ping is a better place to follow your favorite artist or discovering what musics your friends like. Are you one of users of Ping, what do you think about this music social network?


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