Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speed Up Windows Startup For Windows 7, XP And Windows Vista

Speed Up Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP Startup. I don't want any delay let alone waiting when starting Windows, but unfortunately it's unavoidable, because when we launch Windows this operating system brings all the installed programs with it and all of them start at the same time or simultaneously.

This what makes the loading time of Windows's starting become long for which frustrating us often times, do you feel so too? Especially if our PC is and old one or netbooks or such, the situation become unbearably ugly.

Lucky there is a solution for that ugly situation and can speed Windows 7 Startup, an awesome software namely My Startup Delayer. The name of the software is explaining itself. It will put a certain programs you select on the delay, and set the times for them to finally start.

Therefore only Windows and un-selected programs will start, each time you start your Windows PC. As the result your Windows startup will be faster than before.

In overall using My Startup Delayer you have the ability to choose which programs to start first simultaneously after Windows startup, and which ones are put in delay before they are executed, the delay times are according times you have set in its settings.
My Startup Delayer
So now you have a control over your Windows startup and speed up its process. Awesome right?

You might ask me, what is different between My Startup Delayer and Windows "Startup" menu?
Because our Windows launch them all simultaneously that makes our PC is slow and unresponsive, while My Startup Delayer will be starting them one by one according times you have set.
You can download Mystartu Delayer from this page and it does not take any installation, simply download and run.

And before doing so, read the requirements here:
  • Windows XP,
  • Vista
  • 7 (32 & 64 bit) - .NET Framework 2.0
Remember: If in the future you decide to delete this software from your Windows PC, make sure you switch back all the programs you have set in delay to the normal stage.


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