Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Add Or Remove Apps In iOS 5 Notifications Center

A bit about Notifications Center, a feature was firstly introduced in iOS 5, and it's a revolutionary way for handling notifications such as new email, texts, friend requests on your iOS based devices. All the notifications appear on top of your device's screen and the good thing is, it will keep us alert but our activities won't be interrupted by it.

Anyway, you can also choose to add apps or instead remove them to appear on Notifications Center like disabling Stock Widget. So to add or remove your preferred apps in the Notifications Center follow these steps...

 1. On your iPhone home screen, tap the Settings app!

iOS 5 iPhone Settings

2. Tap on “Notifications” in the settings area.

Notifications On iPhone Home Screen Settings

3.See all the apps listed in the "Not in Notification Center" area, and tap one of the apps you'd like to be added to Notification Center.

Not In Notification Center

4. Tap the toggle switch next to “Notification Center” so it is set to "ON". Or if you want to remove the app then set to "OFF".

 5. Done!


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