Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Google Voice App For iPad & iPod Touch Is Available Now

Google Voice mobile app

Google throw another demanded announcement in the same day the company announces Google Voice Search with Voice Recognition, that their Google Voice mobile app can be used by iPod touch and Apple iPad now.

The version for iPad and iPod touch gives the same features found in the iPhone version, such as to send and receive text messages, but it's removing the support for placing cellular calls.

But Google replaces it with other feature Click2Call, which makes you able to select a phone to place a Google Voice call through. So when you finished dealing, the phone will ring,  and initiate a Google Voice call.

Google also removed the text forwarding option when push notifications is enabled, to help avoid multiple notifications. It also added "Do not disturb" setting, a dedicated contacts button, and streamlined text message sending. You can also tap and hold messages now to delete them.

And there is another change found which is in this version you won't find the text forwarding option when you enable push notifications, this is for preventing multiple notifications. There is a setting called "Do not disturb" added, a dedicated contacts button, and streamlined text message sending. To delete messages simply tap and hold them.

To install Google Voice mobile you must use iOS 3.1 or higher for your iPod touch, iPad and iPhone and of course the Google Voice account. And the app is for US resident only, at least currently.


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